What is Tommy Thunder?

Tommy Thunder is an action-adventure series of prose stories created in the style of the old pulp fiction magazines. It follows the adventures of Tommy Thunder, a little bloke who, although small in stature, is big on ideas and intends to take the world by storm.

Which is lucky because the world Tommy lives in needs all the help it can get.

Tommy likes to pose like this.
Tommy exists in an alternate timeline 1920s America where the United States has collapsed in on itself. In the power vacuum that follows a new breed of criminal has arisen, one who takes to the air thanks to the aeronautical wizardry developed during the Great War. There, in their super fast biplanes, they prey on the vulnerable zeppelin cargo ships that ferry goods back and forth across the continent in the absence of a feasible highway network. All thanks to the mysterious discovery of the new and extremely valuable gas element - the mysterious and rare aether.

It's an age of Prohibition and gangsters; the rise of Hollywood and movie star glamour; a world of fast Deusenberg automobiles and deadly Thompson submachine guns; of aether cartels and New York robber barons, Skypirates and fighter aces. Jazz and gin.

Welcome to the Aether Age. And welcome to the Tommy Thunder series...

Grant Gardiner,

the guy who writes the stories.


  1. Bravo! Where do we find it?

    BTW, I've had an alternate history series in mind for years, set in the '20s. Have a few chapters of the first one written, but...who knows...

    ("...What evil lurks in the heart of men? Nyahahahahaha!")

  2. I haven't released any Tommy stories yet - they're still a few months away - but I published a short story set in the same world two weeks ago (Dieselpunk ePulp Sampler anthology) and have another short story being published on another website in the next day or two. I'll be writing up a post when it goes live. But those are set in Chicago and Las Vegas respectively.

    And Tommy will be more Doc Savage than The Shadow. It's over in Tales of the Aether Age that I'll get my dark avenger on... :)