Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome to the Aether Age...

And we're live...

If you're an aviatrix looking for high adventure in the skies of the Caribbean, you have found the right aerodrome. If you happen to be an up-and-coming hood looking for respect on Chicago's jazz-soaked mean streets, this is your speakeasy. If you know that deep down you ache for an age where head wear was not optional and people could play instruments without autotune, this place has you covered. Because this humble looking website is your portal to another world, one a little different from our own...

Welcome to The Aether Age, that infamous era of biplane escadrilles and the barely fettered chaos of Prohibition America. A 1920s America of another timeline, one in which the nation that once was The United States has collapsed in on itself to create a political power vacuum. A power vacuum to be exploited by nefarious robber barons, daring skypirates and cunning underworld figures.

But it is also a world in which the mysterious gas Aether has opened the skies to zeppelin travel. A world of incredible scientific progress as man untethers itself from the ground and looks upwards into the sky, towards fantastic new flying machines and skyscrapers that reach higher and higher into the firmament. A world where the world is globalising and expanding at a simply dizzying pace.

Welcome to The Aether Age and welcome to this new blog. Here I hope you will join me in this little adventure as I attempt to sketch out this crazy new world and the characters who live it. A world brimming with pulpy adventure, two-fisted action and plenty of art-deco class. Fedoras and cloche hats mandatory :)

I hope you can check back on a regular basis. There will be plenty to see.

Grant Gardiner,
The guy who writes Tommy Thunder stories.

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