Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tales of the Aether Age

The world in which Tommy Thunder exists is called 'The Aether Age'. I've given it a name because the world existed long before Tommy came along and, although Tommy will be the main focus of my initial stories, I will want to explore and flesh out the rest of the world as I go. In this way I can illustrate parts of the world that Tommy could never see. To that end I've developed The Tales of the Aether Age, a catch-all title for any story set in the same universe as Tommy but not related to Tommy himself.

For the most part The Tales of the Aether Age will be short stories in the same vein as Tommy Thunder adventures, each ranging from 25 to 50 thousand words and grouped together in volumes as necessary. They will also lean more towards the Dieselpunk end of the spectrum which is a genre I like to dabble in whenever I can. I'll talk more about Dieselpunk at a later date but essentially Tommy tends to scare off Dieselpunk stories because of his one track mind and residence in the sunny Caribbean, a place not optimised for most Dieselpunk stories.
Not really Tommy's scene. But not by choice, just by geography.
 So Tales is probably where you'll find me scratching out stories set in Chicago or New York or even Los Angeles. Stories that revolve around gangsters and their molls, lone lawmen trying to keep the peace on the New West frontier with the help of their trusty Thompson submachine gun, or wild recounts of the dastardly deeds of the continent's new breed of mad scientist who have taken it upon themselves to rule the world with the aid of science. All these stories and more will pop up from time to time under the banner of Tales of the Aether Age.

In fact I should be releasing a short story very very soon...


  1. I think it's a great idea to base your character in the Carribean. After all the fellow referred to in the phrase "the real McCoy" was a south Florida rum runner during prohibition.

    1. Yeah, plenty of interesting things were happening in both the north and south halves of the Caribbean at the time, so I thought I'd avoid the cliche Chicago setting and go tropical. It's also a pulpier setting. Safaris in Chicago are... less interesting :)

      I will also have to seek out this Mr Real McCoy. That sounds like a story I should already be familiar with. Thanks for mentioning it.