Thursday, 18 April 2013

1920s Mugshots of Batman Villains.

The Clown Prince of Crime, Dieselpunk style.

This is awesome! An artist named Jason Mark has done up a series of 1920s-style mugshots for several Batman villains post-Batman encounter. There's also an Australian connection as the original mugshots that inspired the series is from our glorious little convict country. So I have 1920s (my favoured part of the Diesel era), superheroes (as pulpy as you can get, thank you very much) and Australia (Aussie Aussie Aussie...), all in one awesome, Dieselpunky package. How do you get better than that?

Click the piccy above to see the artist's website or check out Design Taxis website for more info on the original inspiration pics. The rest follow.


  1. You know what's ironic about this: when Bob Kane and Bill Finger conceptualized the Joker, they based his face on a still of Conrad Veidt in clownish makeup from "The Man Who Laughs," a silent film made in the '20s.

  2. Yeah I've seen that picture. Very creepy. Just goes to show that if you want good pulp you have to go back a ways for the right inspiration :)

  3. Very creepy indeed. And the early renderings of the Joker in the 40s were pretty faithful caricatures of it.

    I do like how this artist gave broken noses to him and the Penguin. Two-Face's good eye should have a shiner, I'm thinking.