Friday, 26 April 2013

Writer's Update - Death of a Writing Nook.

In terms of writing progress it wasn't a very good week and a half I'm afraid. Didn't get much writing done thanks to a whole lot of time spent training for future employment so, while productive in one way, it was completely unproductive in the other. And to make matters worse I'm in the middle of a huge edit where I have to restructure one of my stories to cut it in half, all thanks to a character who selfishly stole the spotlight and made the story all about her (you will meet her one day and see what I mean). This situation has taught me that writing is a bazillion times less satisfying when you're adding words, not just remaking words you thought you had already finished a long time ago. A bazillion times worser!

But that's not the worstest part. The worstest part is that on Friday my favourite cafe for writing shut down!!!

Now, I have to admit, the 'my favourite writing cafe' and 'shutting down' are probably connected. One of the best parts about my favourite cafe was the lack of customers. That and there was also an air-conditioner, comfy chairs, decent music that was either a) too quiet or b) not that annoying, and most importantly, there was plenty of sugar and caffeine on tap made by people who already knew what I wanted. Apparently it wasn't very good coffee but I'm coffee illiterate so as long as there was plenty of sugar and caffeine in said coffee-related beverage then it was fine by me. Which helps when you're looking for a quiet cafe with few customers.

But now it's gone. And I have lost my writer's nook.

: (

In other writing news the Dieselpunk Showcase is quickly approaching 4,000 downloads. We're getting about 80 downloads a week which is pretty awesome. Now I need to get my finger out and write something else as a follow up. Which is a good segue into...

Short stories. Last writer's update I said I'd mention the Tales of the Aether Age collection I'm putting together to release at the same time as the Tommy Thunder books I'm writing. It's going to be an eclectic mix of at least four stories that fleshes out the Aether Age world.

I'm still going to be a bit sketchy on the details but there will be some familiar espionagists, a mad scientist whose secret lair is under attack from one of those annoying cloaked vigilantes, an automobile-equipped gin runner with more than her fair share of moxie, and maybe even an origin story for a most stylish character that will become important later on. All stories laced with as much 'punk as I can possibly distill into my typewriting fingers, not to mention plenty of pulpy fun ('scientifiction' pulpy fun).

Now all I've got to do is finish writing the things...

However, it's not all about me. Often... it's about Superman. The following clip is important. If you haven't seen it yet then you should. Because it's important. And awesome. So very very awesome:

Hope you have an awesome pulpy week    : )

Grant: the guy trying to edit old stuff so he can go back to writing new stuff.


  1. Sorry to hear about your writing nook. I've always wished I had somewhere like that. Sadly, I just move around the house with my (duct taped together) laptop.
    Congrats on the download milestone for the Dieselpunk showcase. Definitely looking forward to your gin-runner story, female protagonists FTW :D
    Slightly curious, you keep saying you're releasing all this stuff at the same time. Literally the same time or with a month or two between releases? Just curious (and poor).

  2. Yeah, it was a good writing spot. But the upside is that I've been saving a lot of coffee money :) But my word count is a lot lower now :(

    The plan as it stands now is that I'll be releasing at least 3 books at once - 2 Tommy Thunders and 1 Tales of the Aether Age - and maybe a 4th Tommy books if it's done, but probably a month after. That's just the online versions. I still have to work out the CreateSpace stuff, so I'm not sure how long till that's available.