Saturday, 6 April 2013

My first writer's update.

Hi. My name is Grant. And I'm a writer...

Okay, so I've been avoiding this. Avoiding the need to post a writer's update for a while now. It's not that I have something against writer's updates - far from it, they're the staple of most writer blogs and the reason people show up at writer blogsites - it's just that once I do one update on where I'm up to with my writing then I'm gonna have to keep doing them. For the rest of my writing career.

So the pressure is on.

Actually, I was hoping to delay giving writer updates for a while because I didn't plan on blogging until I had most of my writing ducks in a row ie when I actually had something to write about ie when I had things like book covers etc to show. But then the Dieselpunk Showcase opportunity came along and that wrecked everything. I had to dash out there and set up a blog, and apply for one of those GoodReads author accounts, and sign up to Amazon... A whole lot of work. But it did get me out there in internet writer land and for that I'm grateful. And I have a GoodReads author page now. Which is pretty cool :)

And now there are people googling my name. Which means... the pressure is back on. <disconcerted smiley>

Speaking of the Dieselpunk Showcase: we recently passed 3,500 downloads. Which is pretty good for an indie. It's a free book so a percentage of those downloads will be people who wont get round to reading it (they're called hoarders because they like to download stuff for the sake of downloading stuff - apparently it's a thing) but if even half of those copies are read then the project has been a success for our intrepid little band of authors. And with a steady trickle of downloads still coming via Amazon and more reviews and ratings showing up on GoodReads all the time, etc it can only get more successful.

If you have arrived here after reading the Showcase then, yeah, I'm the bloke who wrote the first story in the anthology, That Sort of World. Hope you enjoyed it. I've only got one more story on the web at the moment, a story posted over at called The More Things Change. It's another free short story set in the Aether Age universe, this time in a little gambling town called Las Vegas. It was a complicated little story for such a small word limit but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Which brings me to the important stuff. Tommy Thunder and the Aether Age stuff.

If anyone's interested there is plenty of Tommy Thunder and Aether Age writing in the pipeline, all of which should be released some time this year. At the moment I am working on four separate books that I hope to release all at once some time in the next three months. (The schedule is up in the air until I finally do get around to organising covers and braving the gauntlet of paperwork that is the American IRS application form).

Yeah, that's right. Four different books to be released at once. With several more to follow.

Why four? The plan is to release enough story to get people interested in hanging around for the next issues and I figure if people like the first book then they'll want to read the next book but if it isn't released they may wander off and forget about me :( So I'm going to release four books and people who like my writing will be able to buy as many of them as they like and get properly immersed in the series etc.

Of the four books, three will be Tommy Thunder, Scourge of the Skypirate books (#1-#3) and the other will be Tales of the Aether Age volume #1 which is a book full of short stories similar to That Sort of World set in the Aether Age universe but not directly linked to Tommy's Carribean adventures.

And the names of these books (at this minute, which may change before publication)?

Tommy Thunder in: The Black Vixen of Deadman's Island & The Mystery of the Silent Zephyr.
Tommy Thunder in: The Race for the White Fedora.
Tommy Thunder in: The Big Fight at The Crater.


And I'll keep the names of the Aether Age short stories for another post. I'll also have another post soon about how far I am along the path with each individual book etc etc.

So, if you've just wandered in - welcome to my quirky corner of the interwebs. If you've visited a few times then feel free to ask any questions you have or give any feedback on the website or my writing and I hope you stick around to enjoy the bizarre mix of Dieselpunk, pulp, alt history and other vaguely associated things this blog is turning into.


Grant. The bloke who writes the stuff.


  1. Will you be releasing Tommy in ebook form only, or will POD be an option? (fingers crossed for the latter)

  2. Aiming to get POD set up via Createspace but that probably won't be until after the e-book. It is yet one more thing that must be learnt on this writing journey of mine :)